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Positive Thinking

Today I was struck with a thought that kept returning but isn’t uniquely tied to gardening, but rather to every aspect of life. Every day, we are faced with a choice of how we will react to the many different things that we deal with.

In the garden, we can see that the earlier we deal with issues such as weeds or unwanted insects or diseases, the better it is for the garden. When we let these problems go, they become more than just a nuisance; they can greatly reduce the productivity and even the lifespan of our plants.

The same can be said about life; we have issues that plague us every day, and we can choose to walk by those weeds or spots on the leaves and do nothing about them, but maybe complain and have a pity party. Why not deal with those issues head on; pull the weeds spray the bugs…a nice clean garden/life can be obtained with some good old-fashioned effort.

Start each day with the attitude that you will deal with the issues that face you every day and do it with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. It may not make the weeds any easier to pull, but I will guarantee that you will feel better while you are pulling the weeds/dealing with the issues that we face every day.

Hang in there, SPRING IS ON THE WAY!! Smile and spread the joy.

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